Who is this guy?

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t know why you’re here, but then again, I don’t know why I’m here, either. So that makes two of us.

Since here in the West, we tend to identify ourselves by our jobs, I’ll tell you about what types of work I’ve done. I’ve held a lot of interesting jobs in my life. Some of them cooler and more exciting. Others, more difficult and dangerous!

On the cooler side of my employment history, I worked in journalism, mostly radio broadcasting with some online writing, as a reporter and editor. In 2013, I helped launch a new CBC shop in Kitchener (CBLA-FM-2), where I worked primarily as the newsreader on The Morning Edition, a two-hour weekday morning show. In that time, I also contributed stories to be used across the network on CBC Radio One, and online on CBC’s vast web presence. Prior to that, I also worked for 570 News (CKGL) in Kitchener. This was my first job in radio during, and immediately following, college. I also had a brief stint in Woodstock at Heart FM for a few months while they were in transition between people.

As far as more difficult and dangerous jobs go, I’ve (twice) worked (briefly) in auto-assembly plants. That was mind-numbing and bad for the bod. I worked for way too many years in roofing, installing and removing shingles. It may come as a surprise to you, but I had a lot of fun in that field, as dangerous at the job is. I enjoyed working outside, with my hands, and knees. I’ve also worked in public transportation, part-time, as a bus operator, which I enjoyed, still hold a licence for, and could see myself doing again. Perhaps part-time as a hobby or side-job.

But by far, the most rewarding ‘job’ I’ve held is my current role as a parent and husband. Today, I’m primarily a house-spouse. There is nothing in the world I would like to do more than to help to ensure our child is raised in a loving home with access to all the best life has to offer. My spouse has a demanding job, and is thankfully very good at it. This, in turn, allows me to make sure we have a clean home, fresh laundry, bedding, dishes, and countless other tasks. I’m still working on my favourite recipes, however!

For fun, I enjoy playing and listening to music. The COVID-19 pandemic gave impetus to improve on the ukulele. It’s such a fun instrument to play, and I feel much more competent with it now. I’m looking at getting back into bass guitar, an instrument I played as a teen. I also enjoy tinkering with computers and technology, cycling, and walking.