It has been a while

Hello, World!

The last time I updated my blog was in November of 2014. Wow what happened? I stopped posting and I let the web hosting plan I had lapse. I always retained my URL with the intent to return to writing someday. I suppose that moment is now, as my fingertips grace these keys.

What’s new?

A lot has changed since then, both around the world and for me personally. From the Donald Trump presidency, to the COVID-19 pandemic. And personally from our child growing to school age, to us moving as a family from Waterloo, Ontario, to Vancouver, British Columbia in the Summer of 2019. It has been an absolutely wild (sometimes scary) time to be alive and taking this all in.

On my unceremoniously shelved old blog, I mostly wrote about municipal politics in my hometown region of Waterloo, Ontario. I have no goal with this outlet at this time, in any professional sense, other than to use the muscles of writing again. I just want to be able to post my thoughts on whatever ideas I have at any given time. Not exactly narrowcasted in search of any particular audience at all. Perhaps that will follow is I carve out a niche. But not likely here on this site. If I do launch some sort of news writing venture, or get a real job in news (ha), I’ll link to it on these pages.

So that’s all for now. I hope you’ve been well. Talk soon.