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Part-time job

I have some good news to share, as the title of this post might suggest.

I am now working part time for 104.7 Heart FM in Woodstock. As it stands now, I understand it is a short term arrangement meant to help the news team as they transition between news directors.

How did this come together, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Earlier this month I applied for that aforementioned news director role, but I didn’t get it. However, I was offered a chance to do some fill-in work, mainly reading news on the weekend but also doing various reporting assignments when needed. I started a couple weeks ago and most recently, I toured the Woodstock Hospital to check out a new digital record keeping system for medication and tests called Healthcare Undergoing Transition, or HUGO. Coming up Wednesday, I will be reporting from the Oxford County council meeting, and on Thursday I will be at an event put on by United Way Oxford. So this part-time job has quickly turned into full-time hours, at least for the interim.

While I would have loved to take on the news director position, getting back to work in any capacity is not only a relief but a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s a temporary arrangement as it stands, but it allows me to keep my demo fresh and to keep practicing the type of work I love to do.