‘A wolf is at our doors,’ analyzing Jay Aissa’s apparent attack ad

The campaign to elect Jay Aissa to Waterloo Regional Chair is running an apparent attack ad against Ken Seiling in the lead-up to Monday’s municipal election.

The Waterloo business owner’s latest ad – described by his team as a “political ad,” – seems to refer to Ken Seiling as “an old wolf,” and prominently features sound effects of the animal howling and growling.

Aissa’s ad:

Jay Aissa’s communications lead Ron Bowers said via email that Aissa is unavailable for comment on the content of the ad today as he is in outside meetings.

However, Bowers said the wolf reference is not aimed at Seiling.

“The Wolf is at Our Doors ad is clearly making reference to the Wolf being the LRT.  No where does this ad refer to Ken Seiling being a wolf,” he wrote.

Bowers stopped short of describing the piece as an attack ad.

“It’s a political ad asking the people of the Region to vote for Jay Aissa,” Bowers wrote.

The ad is in-line with other Aissa campaign material, in that it again states that regional debt will balloon to, “well over $1.5 billion,” in the next ten years.

In my capacity as a journalist, I have proven in a balanced and thorough investigation that this claim is categorically false.

As uncovered in the piece, Aissa’s figure is based on the 2014-2023 capital plan and appears to omit annual debt repayments. The region’s actual projected net debt level, even if councillors go ahead with 100 per cent of possible borrowing, is actually $755 million according to Angela Hinchberger, the region’s director of treasury services.

As a point of contrast to the Aissa ad, have a listen to Seiling’s spot.

There are five other candidates running for regional chair including Moira Magee, Oz Cole-Arnal, Robert Milligan, Paul Myles and John Wolf.