New Jay Aissa robocall claims LRT can be stopped, infuriates resident

Waterloo Region resident Jennifer Adams is upset over a “disingenuous,” robocall she received from the Jay Aissa campaign Monday afternoon.

The message claims the “LRT is not a done deal, as [Ken] Seiling would have you believe. You will have the last word on the future of the LRT,” the pre-recorded message states.

“That’s outrageous,” Adams said as she finished playing back the message over the telephone on Tuesday afternoon.

“I think [the robocall] is disingenuous. I think that it’s the worst kind of Republican-crap that we need to get rid of in Canada.”

“If you have an alternate argument to present, fine. Present it accurately. But no-one is going to be able to get out of the contracts that have been signed, the arrangements that have been made without it costing more than the LRT is going to cost,” Adams said.

Municipal elections will be held on October 27 across Ontario to select new municipal councils and school boards.

Aissa is  is one of seven people running for the Regional Chair position, including long-serving incumbent Ken Seiling.