Kitchener council candidate Harald Drewitz smears incumbent Bil Ioannidis

Smear campaign
1.  a campaign to tarnish the reputation of a public figure, especially by vilification or innuendo.

Harald Drewitz is running a negative, or smear campaign in his bid for a Kitchener city councillor position representing Ward 7, centred around the Forest Heights, Westheights and Highland Hills areas.

Take for example a portion of a post on Drewitz campaign website where an apparent letter from an anonymous Ward 7 “senior” named Gary is featured.

The post is titled ‘A senior’s reaction to the Roger’s (sic) Cable Ward 7 debate’, which as you may know, I had a front seat for as the host-moderator.

This excerpt is from the third and fourth paragraphs of Drewitz post:

“Mr. Ioannidis’ excessive rhetoric betrays his fear to tackle a potentially difficult issue.  He speaks a lot and says nothing.  I want the person who is going to represent me to be able to stand in front of a group and make a presentation with the courage of their convictions.

Mr. Ioannidis spoke at length about the high number of seniors in the ward. Why then did he fail to address the concern that I as a senior spoke about at the debate?”

This last part is where I get confused. There was no one named Gary at the debate. In fact, we did not have a live audience or any live interaction from television viewers. So who is Gary? And what concerns did he speak about at the  Rogers TV debate?

Whether Gary is real or imagined to push Drewitz agenda, this type of negative politicking bewilders, and frankly, disgusts me. Get me on Twitter @McCullochKW with your opinion.

A third candidate, Fauzia Mazhar is also running to represent Kitchener Ward 7.

Election day is nine days from now on October 27.

Vote wisely my friends.