James Rhodes drops Kitchener mayoralty bid; endorses Dan Glenn-Graham

And then there were four.

James Rhodes has dropped out of the race to become the next mayor of Kitchener.

Glenn-Graham expressed his appreciation to Rhodes for the endorsement. 

However, Rhodes name will remain on the ballot on October 27, because the deadline to officially withdraw from the municipal election was September 12.

Certainly an interesting turn of events. Rhodes sudden change of heart less than two weeks before the election seems a little odd. People don’t often enter a race for political office only to call it quits and endorse a competitor during the home stretch.

Election campaigns aren’t cheap. Rhodes has a website, campaign signs and has made the time commitments to participate in a number of debates.

Glenn-Graham, Berry Vrbanovic, Peter Martin and Slavko Miladinovic remain in Kitchener’s mayoralty race.