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Fact check: Jay Aissa claims Waterloo Region’s debt to hit $1.5 billion by 2024

“The $1.5 billion is really a number pulled out of mid-air,” Region of Waterloo budget committee chair Tom Galloway.

With five days until Ontarians elect new municipal councils and school boards on October 27, it’s time to question some figures presented as facts in a series of advertisements commissioned by the Jay Aissa campaign for Waterloo Regional Chair.

The anti-LRT business owner behind a halted court injunction to stop the Region of Waterloo’s Ion rapid transit system is one of seven candidates running for the region’s top elected job, including incumbent Ken Seiling.

Aissa’s ads claim the Region of Waterloo is projected to be saddled with $1.5 billion of debt by 2024. An alarming figure to be sure.

But where does the number come from? Is it accurate?

In short, no.

Aissa’s claim is nearly double what the region projects.

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